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The Multi-Tablet Household

  • February 13 2012

It took decades for households to have more than one car, one phone or one TV. It took nearly 10 years for households to have more than a single PC or a single cell phone. But tablets? Within three years of the introduction of the iPad, multi-tablet owners are becoming a reality.

Consulting firm Deloitte predicts that five percent of all tablets sold in 2012 will be to individuals that already own a tablet. That equals some five million tablets worldwide. Deloitte calls this “the most rapid ‘multi-anything’ market penetration in history.”

According to Deloitte, new tablet form factors, new sizes and new prices are driving multi-tablet usage. For instance, the supply of tablet choices is likely to become more varied in 2012, especially as more tablets with small screens (five to seven inches, compared to the 10-inch screen of the iPad) become available. Because these smaller tablets will come at a lower price point, owners of 10-inch tablets may want them as a smaller, lighter option for purse or pocket.

In addition, more corporations are equipping their staffs with tablets. In some cases, these may be different models for existing tablet owners—ones that have mandated IT requirements. Similarly, those with company tablets may choose to have a second one for personal use.