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Jack of All Platforms
  • May 20 2011

An example of Millennial Media’s abilities: Paramount Pictures enlisted the company to drive ticket sales for the opening of Jackass 3D, requesting a worldwide, in-language engaging mobile experience. To accomplish this, the campaign leveraged Millennial Media’s global network to reach target movie-goers on four continents, in 10 countries and six languages, and across all platforms.

Millennial Media developed content with Paramount Pictures and the MEC agency that localized the mobile experience and featured expandable rich media ad units and a one-of-a-kind, in-ad interactive game and mobile site. After playing the game, users could share results on Facebook and visit the movie’s mobile site to purchase tickets, watch a trailer, and view photos and additional videos.

Results: The game was replayed by users more than a third of the time. Plus, the movie did strong box office business, earning $50 million opening weekend.

About Millennial
Millennial Media is the leading independent mobile advertising and data company. The company’s technology, tools, and services also power some of the largest companies in the media business today. Millennial Media is committed to growing the mobile advertising marketplace by becoming the preferred partner to advertisers seeking to reach mobile consumers, application and media evelopers seeking to maximize ad revenue, and mobile operators seeking to further monetize their networks. The company is the global leader in mobile ad data and insights,  producing more than 43 research reports over the past three years.

Millennial has run over 10,000 campaigns, working with every major vertical and entertainment studio and top advertisers.

Clients include:
Paramount  Pictures
Home Depot

By the numbers
Millennial is the largest independent mobile ad network, reaching:
Over 91 million U.S. mobile users and 142 million global mobile users

Consumers in over 250 countries and territories

Consumers on over 5,500 mobile devices

The networks serves:
Over 23 billion ad impressions each month, on over 12,000 sites and applications

Advertiser retention rate is over 90%

Audience-targeted campaigns on the Millennial network grew 455% year-over-year

Rich media campaigns on the network grew 230% year-over-year

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