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Meredith Corporation

Media Award
  • May 14 2012

An evolution is underway at Meredith Corp., one that is designed to ensure its magazine brands like Parents and Better Homes and Gardens stay relevant to the next generation of subscribers, viewers and users. Its expansion into digital, mobile, video and social media platforms is just one part of this program being spurred by chairman and CEO Steve Lacy, as the company is also updating its roster with newly acquired titles such as Every Day with Rachel Ray, FamilyFun and Allrecipes.com.

Innovation, leadership and educational initiatives are not only sound business practices, but the traits that garnered Meredith this year’s Media Award at the AEF Honors. “Meredith’s early support of the AEF, along with other media companies, advertisers and agencies, provided the financial strength to get AEF on its feet and do the work it was established to do,” says the AEF’s Alex.

Of the nomination, Lacy says, “We are very appreciative of this award, which acknowledges and validates the very important work we have been doing in the areas of advertising and marketing.”

In particular, Meredith contributes actively to partnerships and apprenticeship programs with colleges and universities (such as Drake, Iowa State, University of Iowa and Northwestern). Through the New York Women in Communication scholarship program, a deserving female college student is granted a scholarship to intern at Meredith. Nearly $500,000 is donated annually to colleges and universities of behalf of the Meredith Foundation.

Mentoring initiatives aside, Meredith has also collaborated with the AEF on a range of programs over the years, with many focused on supporting a diverse workforce and promoting the role of women in the workplace. “Advertising has been the lifeblood of our company since it was founded in 1902,” says Lacy. “We fully support the AEF mission of enriching the understanding of advertising and its role in society.”