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Going Beyond the Banner

PointRoll gets creative to enhance digital marketing performance
  • May 14 2012

Interactive video, rich media display, mobile campaigns, social media—with so many tactics available in a digital ad strategy, media and brand planners can innovate like never before. But the plethora of technologies may be as perilous as it is appealing. If marketers consider their options in silos rather than holistically—separating social, mobile and display efforts, for example—they’re more likely to miss opportunities to reach consumers across all channels.

“Top brands understand that they have to incorporate complementary tactics to achieve success,” explains Cat Spurway-Hepler, SVP of strategy and marketing for digital marketing provider PointRoll. “And savvy marketers know that it’s not only about delivering effective digital advertising but doing so efficiently.”

PointRoll allows advertisers to create, deliver and measure standard display,  in-stream video, rich media, mobile and social media ad campaigns. The company also bolsters the value of standard industry analytics and algorithms via dynamic creative optimization technology across multiple channels including interactive rich media, mobile and tablets, and in-stream video. By bridging the gap between analysis and consumer action, PointRoll technology enables brands and ad agencies to connect creative, ad serving and insights to deliver more engaging and effective digital advertising that drives stronger campaign performance.

“Consumers are seeking a unified brand experience across all marketing channels,” says Spurway-Hepler. “What we do allows marketers to reach consumers at the right moment on the right device, from one unified platform.”

To truly maximize impact and generate return on investment in digital marketing, brands have to engage consumers with insightful messages that incite action. According to Spurway-Hepler, conversions only come from compelling digital ad experiences that really connect with audiences, whether those audiences are online, on mobile devices or on popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.

“Audience understanding is the first step because finding the right audience—and finding more of them—is critical to campaign success,” Spurway-Hepler says. “Furthermore, top-performing brands create campaigns that are consistent across devices, paying particular attention to the inherent benefits of each channel.”

As an example, Spurway-Hepler points out how some brands are now using Pinterest, the digital pinboard sharing site, as a way to deepen overall consumer engagement and reach. Ann Taylor Weddings recently incorporated Pinterest into its Point-Roll rich media campaign by enabling consumers to scroll through dresses for brides, bridesmaids and party guests, choose their favorites, and pin them directly to their personal Pinterest boards. This added engagement and connected social and display marketing efforts.

The Ann Taylor campaign shows the importance of cross-channel digital. This is further evidenced  in the findings of The 2012 Marketing Tools Study, recently released by PointRoll and Kelton Research, which examines issues facing brand decision-makers as they try to manage digital campaigns using a variety of channels and audience-management tools.

Among the report’s insights is how marketers are embracing video for cross-channel engagement. “More than 97 percent of respondents said they would be using online video advertising this year, whether in-banner, in-stream or interactive in-stream,” Spurway-Hepler says. “Video is one of the most engaging ad formats and PointRoll is particularly excited about the opportunities in interactive in-stream. We predict that we’ll continue to see a rise in marketers using this medium to actively engage with their consumers.”

Combining high-powered creative, thoughtful engagement and careful data aggregation, PointRoll enables marketers to craft meaningful messages for multiple digital channels, ensuring that brands consistently reach the right audiences.