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Blue Calypso

Getting Ringing Endorsements
  • May 20 2011

Blue Calypso is a patented advertising platform that provides a single solution to four key advertising strategies: word of mouth, social media, mobile, and customer loyalty rewards.  

Advertisers launch display campaigns on Calyp, Blue Calypso’s consumer brand loyalty program, available free online and as an app for iPhone and Android. Their customers use Calyp to “endorse” and distribute their campaigns virally, friend-to-friend, over personal texts and social media posts. “Endorsers” participate for cash rewards from Blue Calypso—with earnings based on the campaign’s distribution success—and are paid by credit loaded onto their Blue Calypso Visa Prepaid Debit Card. Advertisers provide loyalty rewards and have the opportunity to bring the cash earnings back by offering special purchase incentives.

Blue Calypso’s proprietary ad-rendering and analytics engine enables advertisers to deliver and measure campaigns with multiple calls to action that go beyond links, including point of sale, geo-location-specific offers, and metered mobile coupon redemptions. Advertisers can serve multiple creative display ads within the same campaign, targeting such specific conditions as geo-location, day of week, time of day, and even weather conditions.

About Us
Blue Calypso is dedicated to delivering a true return on investment for advertisers’ social media and mobile marketing efforts. Through social media savvy and use of emerging technologies, Blue Calypso enables and motivates friend-to-friend delivery of advertising campaigns, creating deep brand engagement that drives return spending, new customer acquisition, and increased sales.  

1877-44CALYP  |  www.BlueCalypso.com |  Facebook/BlueCalypso |  Twitter: @BlueCalypso

By the numbers
-350+ Campaigns Launched
-325% Click-through Rate
-21% Intent to Purchase

Warner Music Group
Ben E. Keith
Grubbie Style
Live Nation

A Promotional Key Victory
Blue Calypso worked with Warner Music Group to promote The Black Keys and drive sales of the band’s new record, Brothers, in Dallas. Area fans were messaged the opportunity to participate in the Calyp program, through which they could endorse, share, and distribute The Black Keys campaign. More than 64 percent of messaged fans adopted the program, with the campaign receiving an overwhelming 67 percent click-through rate and a 19 percent conversion on intent to purchase from the iTunes purchase call to action. The campaign earned a 62.41 percent ROI for the $9.99 record advertised.

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