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AWNY Advertising Women of the Year 2012

Honoring Wendy Clark of Coca-Cola, Jacki Kelley of Universal McCann and Laura Lang of Time Inc.
  • February 27 2012

Each year since it created the Advertising Woman of the Year award in 1965, AWNY has recognized the contribution of a leading female executive for her success in the advertising industry.

For 2012, as AWNY celebrates its centennial, it is taking a different tack. Instead of honoring one executive, it is paying tribute to three of the best and brightest, representing the three branches of the industry: agency, media and client.

“Under the circumstances, we wanted to honor our 100th anniversary by honoring leaders in the three major parts of advertising,” says Liz Schroeder, AWNY’s executive director, noting the impressive credentials of all three women. “Any one of them could have been our single honoree.”