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2012 CLIO Awards

Piyush Pandey, Annie Leibovitz and Anthony Bourdain
  • May 21 2012

An Indian advertising legend, a globe-trotting chef and an iconic photographer...This year’s CLIO Awards honorees represent the rich tapestry of worldwide creativity.

Each year, in addition to its awards competition, CLIO recognizes visionaries in advertising and creativity. The 2012 recipients­—honored at the May 15 event—were Lifetime Achievement winner Piyush Pandey and Honorary CLIO winners Annie Leibovitz and Anthony Bourdain.


Piyush Pandey: Lifetime Achievement CLIO

Piyush Pandey has been called the most influential man in Indian advertising. The executive chairman and creative director of Ogilvy & Mather India received the 2012 CLIO Lifetime Achievement Award. He is the first honoree to come from the subcontinent, but his influence has been felt around the world.

Pandey has spent almost three decades at Ogilvy, creating and championing some of the most famous ad campaigns in India. He is frequently credited with bringing Indian culture into mainstream Indian advertising, seeking creative insights from the people he interacts with. As a result, his frequently mischievous campaigns can say as much about the Indian people as they do about the products they promote. As he’s noted, “What’s unique about Ogilvy India is that we are cheered not just by award juries, but also by thousands of non-advertising, common people of India.”

Under his guidance, O&M India has more than 600 national and international awards to date. He is the only Indian to have won a double Gold at Cannes and a triple Grand Prize at London International Awards. In 2003, O&M India won a record 10 Lions at Cannes, which was more than the collective medals won by rest of the Indian advertising fraternity. In 2002, he won India’s first-ever Silver Pencil at the One Show Awards. It’s no wonder O&M India is ranked among the most creative offices in the O&M Network.

In 2000, the Ad Club of Mumbai voted Pandey’s work on Cadbury’s the campaign of the century, and a commercial he did for adhesive brand Fevicol was named the commercial of the century. The Economic Times, India’s leading business newspaper, has rated O&M the number-one advertising agency in the country eight times in a row, and the paper also named Pandey the most influential man in Indian advertising for eight straight years.


Annie Leibovitz, Anthony Bourdain: Honorary CLIO

Annie Leibovitz’ unique vision has changed the art of the portrait. Consider some of her iconic celebrity images: John Lennon curled nude beside his fully clothed wife Yoko Ono...Demi Moore nude and pregnant on the cover of Vanity Fair...Whoopi Goldberg in a milk bath...Lady Gaga on the deck of the Staten Island Ferry… She’s shot hundreds of magazine covers over the course of her career, most famously for Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair and Vogue.

But Leibovitz is equally known for her advertising images. In the 1980s, she shot American Express’ celebrity-driven “cardmember since…” campaign; it won her a CLIO in 1987. An array of famous faces posed in sweater vests, button downs and khakis in her Gap campaign. Her vision has driven the Disney Dream Portrait series, where well-known celebrities transform into the roles of famous Disney characters.

Leibovitz was celebrated with a honorary CLIO for her body of work, her boundless creativity and how she uses photography to affect the way people think.

Also receiving an honorary CLIO was chef, author and television personality Anthony Bourdain. Through his books and Travel Channel show, Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations, Bourdain has introduced
millions of taste buds to new culinary experiences and dared people to be more adventurous diners.

Bourdain is “chef at large” at New York City’s Brasserie Les Halles, and is as much a writer as a chef. His books on food and culture include the acclaimed Kitchen Confidential and Medium Raw, and his writing has also appeared in The New Yorker, The New York Times, The Times of London and Gourmet. He now has his own publishing imprint with HarperCollins’ Ecco books, with its first three books to be published in 2013.