Using Groupon in Your PR Campaign

By Tonya Garcia Comment

Groupon is hot, and news today that the company wanted to file its IPO this week with a $25 billion valuation speaks to that. So does the number of Groupon-like companies and programs that have spawned over past months. But as many publicists know, jumping on board what’s hot isn’t always a sound communications decision.

Julie Mossler, Groupon’s director of communications, tells mediabistro in today’s PR, Perfected feature, “We never sell ourselves as money-making; it’s much more about exposure. We guarantee foot traffic.”

To that end, a Groupon offer should be part of a bigger PR strategy rather than the entirety of it.

Coincidentally, we met with Aaron Kwittken and Jason Schlossbergat Kwittken & Company’s offices last week and the topic of e-commerce came up there as well. Schlossberg noted that the “retail world has fundamentally changed ” due to “different relationships between brands and consumers.” For retailers or other companies looking to use these sorts of deals, it’s important to remember that this is a “channel to reach people.” Schlossberg added.

“There needs to be strong potential for upselling, sharing with friends, or repeat business,” Chris Heuwetter, president of TwiloPR,¬†told mediabistro.

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