Spin the Agencies of Record


By Patrick Coffee Comment


“Man who invented the hamburger was smart; man who invented the cheeseburger was a genius.” – Matthew McConaughey 

Virginia-based beef patty franchise Elevation Burger has selected French/West/Vaughan as its PR AOR. Elevation burnishes the usual bread and meat equation with certified organic cred and a dedication to sustainability; FWV will plan an integrated marketing strategy as the business expands across the U.S. and overseas. We have great confidence in all related projects, because the classic sandwich with the German name has been selling itself to Americans for well over a century thanks largely to the fact that it is delicious.


New York’s 5WPR added the National Law Enforcement & Firefighters Children’s Foundation to its client roster.

The purpose of the non-profit org is to provide support for the education of children who’ve had a parent killed or seriously wounded in the line of duty, and it may be the only charity with a story more moving than Batkid’s.


Rubenstein PR will be PR AOR for Ideal Properties Group, a real-estate organization specializing in Brownstone Brooklyn. With locations in Park Slope, Cobble Hill, Gowanus and Williamsburg, Ideal may yet help us find the borough’s last affordable listing—because $14.5 million isn’t even in Jay-Z’s price range.


Gibbs & Soell Business Communications‘ newest client comes from the biofuels fieldAlgenol specializes in creating ethanol from algae and boasts environmental benefits: it uses carbon dioxide from industrial sources to feed the algae and produces fresh water as a byproduct. Gibbs & Soell will support Algenol with editorial and thought leadership initiatives while reminding the public that ethanol doesn’t quite pair well with any mixer.


HTC announced a global review of its agencies of record after its PR head stepped down in October. The next agency chosen will be tasked with winning the American and Asian markets and promoting a pricey new campaign starring Robert Downey, Jr. (who has yet to apologize for Iron Man 2 and 3).