China Lands on the Moon, Immediately Takes a Selfie

By Patrick Coffee Comment


Does this lunar soil match my outfit?

Landing on the moon is definitely a big deal; no “kind of” involved. So of course it didn’t surprise us to learn that China eagerly broadcast its lunar arrival via all available channels last night.

The country’s rover/lander duo touched down on the moon’s surface and quickly broadcast selfies of one another to the world at large as President Xi Jinping looked on. It seemed like a smooth operation; the rover simply had to turn around first to make sure everyone could see its bright red flag pin.

Check out the lander after the jump.


As┬áChinese vice premier Ma Kai put it, “This shows China is dedicated to the peaceful uses of space”.┬áBoth machines look pretty fit, though we do wonder when we’ll get the high-res images.

On a side note, working with state-owned media outlets must be a breeze.