Will Revelations Hurt Letterman?


According to preliminary estimates, Late Night averaged 1.2 rating/6 share among adults 18-49 vs. 1.0/5 for Tonight Show.

In the metered markets, which cover a larger swath of the country and includes older viewers, Letterman's household ratings victory was much more decisive, 2:1 over the Tonight Show.

As for booking guests, the scandal's sexual implications may deter politicians who run on moral values, but will probably have little effect on celebrities as sex scandals are pretty common and easily tolerated in Hollywood.

Letterman's top guest Thursday night, actor Woody Harrelson, set the tone, opening with "It's been an auspicious night" and proceeding to trade quips with Letterman over the ordeal.

While the Friday show was pre-taped on Monday and will certainly have no references to the Thursday events, it remains to be seen if the topic will crop up on the Late Show for the weeks to come. --James Hibberd contributed to this report

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