Time Warner, Comcast Partner on 'TV Everywhere' Push


Time Warner on Wednesday morning announced it has partnered with Comcast to develop a cohesive strategy for its “TV Everywhere” initiative, which looks to reinforce the subscription TV model by allowing subscribers to access cable network programming on-demand, via broadband and mobile platforms.

The first stage of the TV Everywhere model will go live in July, enabling Comcast subscribers to access content from Turner’s TNT and TBS properties online and through the cable operator’s video-on-demand service. When the consumer trial begins, Turner programming will be accessible on, and via Time Warner’s and

Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes introduced the TV Everywhere concept in March, telling investors that the plan signaled a slight semantic shift away from the subscription TV model to a platform-agnostic service. He reiterated that philosophy during this morning’s conference call with analysts.

“We don’t think it’s particularly beneficial for the consumer to have to think about what screen they want to watch their favorite content on,” Bewkes said. “If you’re an MTV subscriber, you’ve already paid for that content. It shouldn’t matter how you want to access it.”

Full deployment of TV Everywhere will hinge on whether the networks and other cable and satellite operators will sign on to offer the service as an incentive to their subscribers. Comcast’s decision to trial the service is a significant breakthrough; together, Time Warner and Comcast account for some 37.3 million TV subs, or roughly a third of the consumer base served by the country’s top 10 cable operators.

“Over 92 percent of Americans already qualify for this service, as they already pay [subscription TV fees],” Bewkes said. “Programmers will be able to give consumers even more for their money ... And the Internet model simply augments the appeal of the content, because it gives consumers more choice and more convenience.”

DirecTV also has indicated it would be willing to participate in the initiative.

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