Studios Stand Behind Skins


MTV on Monday night aired the second installment of its kids-these-days drama Skins, and despite the defection of a number of high-profile sponsors, studio dollars ensured a full spot load.

No fewer than 16 ads for upcoming releases ran during the five commercial pods, a roster that included repeat customers Dream Works (I Am Number Four), Screen Gems (The Roommate), Paramount Pictures (No Strings Attached), Columbia Pictures (Just Go With It) and New Line (The Mechanic). Spots promoting each of the five films ran twice during the 10 p.m.-11 p.m. time slot.

Also back for a return engagement were New Line’s horror flick The Rite and Universal Studio’s Sanctum. Both releases were in for a single :30.

Four new clients joined the fray Monday night. Focus Features’ Roman epic, The Eagle, appeared at the tail end of the first pod, leading into a promo for MTVs I Used to Be Fat. Rated PG-13, the film opens Feb. 11. Nicolas Cage continues his merry pursuit of financial solvency with Summit Entertainment’s Drive Angry; a spot for the Oscar winner’s 3-D popcorn movie bowed at the end of the fourth pod.

Unknown, a Warner Bros. shoot-em-up starring accidental action hero Liam Neeson, anchored the first Skins pod, while a 15-second spot for the cheapie From Prada to Nada—It’s Sense and Sensibility with that kid Fez from That ‘70s Show in the John Willoughby role!––closed out the fifth and final ad pod.

Conspicuous by its absence was the fast food category. In response to an intense lobbying effort by the conservative watchdog group Parents Television Council, Taco Bell last week announced it had pulled out of the show, saying Skins was “not a fit for our brand.” The restaurant chain had invested in two 30-second premiere spots.

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