BK, Kia in VH1 Integrations


NEW YORK VH1 is planning to introduce two extensive integrations into the narrative of its improv comedy Free Radio, building customized placement for Burger King and Kia Motors America.
Beginning April 9, the fast-food giant will be featured in four episodes of Free Radio (pictured), as part of an execution that will culminate in a sweepstakes giveaway. Burger King first pops up in the second episode of the show’s sophomore season, as Lance, the dimwitted host of the KBOM radio show-within-a-show “Moron in the Morning,” belts out copy for a live read.
“Have it your way,” the disc jockey bellows, before making the assertion that “yelling is the most effective form of radio advertising.”

Later in that same episode, "Moron" co-host Anna sets up the sweepstakes, alerting listeners to log on to for a chance to win a BK Crown Card, which entitles the bearer to $1,000 in free Burger King food every year for 25 years. (In conjunction with the start of the campaign, the KBOM sweepstakes site will go live on April 9.)

Burger King will also appear in a scene in which Lance tucks into one of the brand’s breakfast sandwiches while discussing the BK Crown Card with a fellow KBOM employee.

The integration ends May 7, as Lance announces the actual sweepstakes winner during the final episode of the season.
In addition to the call-outs and placement, Burger King will be featured in two VH1-created podbusters that extend the narrative of the show into the commercial break, custom on-air billboards that will drive viewers to the kbombsweeps site and via an exclusive sponsorship of the Free Radio show page on

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