Why GoPro's Instagram Strategy Should Catch Apple's Eye

And 3 other findings from this week's social video rankings

Few marketers have found their place in social media quite like GoPro.

The Adweek/Shareablee weekly chart for top branded Instagram videos is in—scroll down to see the full chart—and here are the top four things we learned from Oct. 27 through Nov. 2.

1. GoPro is arguably the most impressive gadget/social marketing combination we've seen. One could say the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy smartphones have done incredibly well, too, since so many people use them for selfie sharing. But most viewers don't have a clue what smartphone facilitated the image. Meanwhile, the footage GoPro helps distribute and promote—with its brand often front and center—through Instagram, YouTube and Tumblr sets it apart.

So let's say Apple decides to finally get into social media to push its products. After all, the Cupertino, Calif., company has pulled execs from social-minded Burberry and Nike in the last year. CEO Tim Cook's company would be wise to look at how GoPro handles social as Apple expands its hardware empire into watches and other tech products in 2015.

It's tricky to integrate a brand with content created by consumers from phones, tablets, watches and other mobile devices. But GoPro shows that the strategy—if executed well—is marketing gold. Here's how GoPro won its category for Instagram videos last week: Kevin Richardson, the "lion whisperer" of South Africa, strapped one of its high-tech cameras to the back of Meg, a lioness. The brand last week posted 15 seconds of the footage, which received 166,000 likes and comments. At the end of the clip, you'll see an unobtrusive logo to brand the moment. That's how it's done, folks.

2. Halloween loves social video. If your company's social media team didn't try to scare up some fun on Oct. 31, it missed out. Of the 10 categories in our weekly chart, four of the top performers won their niche thanks to a play involving spooks and costumes.

3. The National Football League should try to poach pro basketball's social strategists. The National Basketball Association has for several weeks tomahawk-dunked on marketers for the NFL, Major League Baseball and various global soccer leagues. This week, the NBA featured Miami's James Ennis throwing down a dunk to garner 151,000 likes and comments on Instagram.

4. Simplicity works with Instagram videos. Few marketers have illustrated this in recent months as perfectly as Mercedes-Benz, which picked up 38,000 likes and comments by simply filming the speedometer of the B250 going from idle to 121 kilometers per hour (kph) in about 13 seconds. And then there's Michael Kors, showing a stylish young man climbing out of a helicopter for just a few seconds and accruing 46,000 comments and likes.

Next, check out last week's winners from 10 categories via our Shareablee-powered multimedia infographic below. It lets you simultaneously watch their Instagram videos and see the brands' organic reach.

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