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Updated: Jackson Memorial Draws Massive Web Stats


Michael Jackson’s memorial service in Los Angeles on Tuesday drove a huge audience to the Web to watch the proceedings live. But the ceremony ultimately fell short of the medium’s landmark live event to date: President Obama’s inauguration last January.

For example, CNN.com attracted 11.8 million unique users who had viewed 9.7 million live video streams as of 5 p.m. on Tuesday—peaking at 781,000 concurrent users. For the inauguration the site generated a whopping 26.9 million live video streams globally.

Similarly, Yahoo News saw its live traffic peak at 385,000 simultaneous streamers, second to the inauguration’s 430,000. However, the site blew past its previous total-streams benchmark of 1.8 million streams seen during the president’s historic swearing-in ceremony, as Jackson-mourners generated 5 million streams on Tuesday.

FoxNews.com generated 3.4 million streams for Jackson’s memorial, short of the 5 million the site delivered on Inauguration Day. However, the site did top MSNBC.com, which generated 3 million live streams on Tuesday; during the inauguration MSNBC.com far outpaced FoxNews.com by delivering 9 million streams.  And FoxNews.com’s live streaming audience peaked with 676,821 unique users at around 1:50 EST on Tuesday, topping both MSNBC.com’s viewership peak (510,000 concurrent viewers) and Yahoo’s.

For its part, MSNBC.com reeled in 7 million unique users during the Jackson-honoring event, driven in part by a groundbreaking partnership with Twitter. Much like CNN.com and Facebook’s partnership, users were able to both view the memorial and post and track Twitter comment through a single MSNBC.com interface.

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