Report: Growing Number of Moms Using Social Media


Mothers of young children are spending far more time with social media than just three years ago. And most claim that as their personal time becomes constrained, they end up sacrificing time with magazines and newspapers compared to before they had children.

Those are a few of the noteworthy media/marketing-related findings in an elaborate new research report presented by BabyCenter during an event on Thursday (June 25) dubbed Meet the 21st Century Mom. According to the report, which compiled information from 18 different surveys conducted over the past six months with over 25,000 respondents, 63 percent of women reported being active on social networks. When BabyCenter conducted a similar study in 2006, just 11 percent claimed to be social net regulars.

“Social media has grown up,” said Tina Sharkey, BabyCenter’s chairman and global president during a keynote address at the Yale club in New York Thursday morning. “In just a few years, we think moms using social media will eclipse those that are using newspapers.”

Indeed, based on data compiled by BabyCenter, women with new babies at home cut back on media consumption by as much as three hours, with print taking the biggest hit. “The drop in magazine use is crazy,” said Sharkey. According to the report 49 percent of respondents claim to read magazines less after giving birth, and 46 percent said the same about their newspaper usage.

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