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Joost Gets Boost From iPhone App


NEW YORK To date, the much-hyped online video platform Joost has struggled to build a sizable Web audience. But surprisingly, the startup appears to have a red-hot iPhone application.

Executives at Joost claim that over 1 million iPhone and iTouch users have downloaded its free app, which lets users watch a wide variety of video clips from the company’s current programming lineu, featuring everything from episodes of CBS’ How I Met Your Mother to movies and documentaries.

Joost CEO Mike Volpi said that such content helps users fill downtime when they are on the go. "The Joost iPhone app has taken off, because people want to be entertained, and there are many situations, like standing in line, waiting at an airport or doctor's office, or commuting on a train when TVs and computers can't be found," said Volpi.
Joost recently released an updated version of its popular iPhone app that promises a smoother streaming experience. The company’s early success with an Apple app follows a gradual increase in usage for, which relaunched as a browser-based product last September, when it began phasing out its original software download product (see this previous report).