Facebook's Mobile App Offers OpenTable Reservations

Social giant rolls out Rovi integration as well

Photo: Getty Images

Facebook has integrated OpenTable's restaurant booking service into its mobile app. Additionally, the social behemoth has forged an agreement with digital entertainment firm Rovi to let on-the-go users find listings such as TV programs and movies.

So, Facebook's mobile app could be a better date-night tool for its droves of users. Per a blog post by the Menlo Park, Calif.-based company this afternoon, the OpenTable integration will sync with 20,000 restaurants that have Facebook pages.

With the OpenTable partnership, Facebook clearly has Yelp and Foursquare's share of the local-mobile space in its sights.

And the move could further augment CEO Mark Zuckerberg's burgeoning mobile ad sales as restaurants could theoretically view Facebook as more of a direct sales channel—putting the social network in the way of Google and Apple's local aspirations.


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