Facebook's Feature Phone App Has 100 Million Users

Caters to often forgotten flip-phone users

Photo: Chris Ratcliffe

Facebook has revealed that more than 100 million consumers worldwide are using its mobile app for feature phones. Indeed, the flip-phone is alive and well, and international marketers in particular should probably keep that in mind.

The Menlo Park, Calif.-based digital giant launched its Facebook for Every Phone app two years ago, letting the non-smartphone crowd check in on friends' baby photos, quirky status updates and food porn. The native app runs on some 3,000 feature phone models, while including similar messaging and photo-uploading capabilities that smartphone users have grown accustomed to.

Most of the users live in emerging markets such as Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Turkey, Mexico and Brazil.

The New York Times on Sunday reported CEO Mark Zuckerberg's company has started selling ads specifically targeted at feature-phone users. Facebook has said for some time that it's become a mobile-first firm, and these developments seem to strengthen its stance.

And by no accident, they also come just before its earnings call on Wednesday.


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