Digital Hot List 2008


8. The Huffington Post

In this historic election cycle, one of the biggest scoops didn’t come from The New York Times or The Washington Post. Rather, the news that Barack Obama called rural voters “bitter” at a San Francisco fundraiser first appeared on The Huffington Post, the three-year-old site founded by Arianna Huffington that’s creating nothing less than a revolutionary and dynamic model for digital purveyors of news. The so-called battle between blogs and “mainstream media” largely misses the point. Going forward, the most relevant players will, like “HuffPo,” likely combine the best of both, delivering smart journalism and incisive commentary as well as user participation.

Unique audience grows 218.9 percent to 4 million (beating rival Politico’s 2.4 million) • Time spent up 53.3 percent • Regularly scoops ‘mainstream’ press (must-read, wall-to-wall coverage of GOP veep pick Palin)

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