Digg Plans Social Ads


Social news site Digg is rolling out its first major ad product, borrowing a page from Facebook by designing units that mimic the site experience itself.

The new Digg Ads will look much the same as other site content: a headline, thumbnail photo and link to another site. They will appear within the stream of headlines on Digg pages and provide the same options for users to "Digg" or "bury" links and leave comments.

Also in keeping with the site's general operations, users will have some say in what gets recommended: ads that accrue Diggs will be shown more often and those consistently buried will appear less frequently.

Digg is setting the ads apart with shading and notes that they are from sponsors. It plans to launch the platform over the next few months after gathering feedback from users and advertisers.
The new product is the latest in a series of attempts by popular social media sites to develop advertising that fits with their environments.

Facebook has rolled out engagement ads that appear within users' network updates and come with the same features as other site content, such as voting and sharing. Digg's model also mirrors an ad platform introduced in January by Reddit, a smaller social news rival owned by Wired. Like Digg, Reddit is displaying ads in the form of user-submitted headlines.

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