Zinio Preps Ad Net


Price and the early adapter audience could be reasons. A single digital copy of Car and Driver costs $4.99 while for just a few dollars more, a reader can get a year's subscription.
Unlike the iTunes store, which closely guards data on its customers, Zinio shares consumer information with its participating publishers.

Zinio also found that subscribers are buying an average of three to four magazines at a time, at a price of $8 and up, which could bode well if industry hopes for an e-reader magazine newsstand are realized.

“With the apps, people are spending $30 to $70, which is great,” Mullen said. “Price is not a barrier.”

Not surprisingly, male-skewing titles like Popular Science, PC Magazine and Popular Mechanics far outsold women's books available on the app like Marie Claire, Redbook and Harper's Bazaar.

But Jim Meigs, editor of Popular Mechanics, said women's magazines shouldn’t be counted out just yet.

“You're going to get the tech geek audience, but you're also going to have an audience of heavy readers, similar to big constituency for the Kindle or Nook,” he said. “This notion of people having to be techy to move into technology has been proven wrong. Look at grandparents on Facebook or using Skype. You'll have all kinds of groups who are interested in that experience. I would say readers of O [the Oprah Magazine] might not be far behind.”

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