Editor of the Year: Joanna Coles

She's the anti-chic, anti-Anna, fashion star of the moment

Joanna Coles in her office.


When I first met Joanna Coles, the editor-in-chief of Marie Claire, she was not a fashion plate, no less a fashion editor. She was a British hack, writing from New York for the Guardian and then for the Times of London. In 2001, we became colleagues at New York magazine. It would be hard to find a more ideal New York magazine editor, with her heightened gossip radar, cutting sense of social detail, and fine attention to who’s up and who’s down.

So it was confounding to me when, in 2004, she went to be the No. 2 editor at More, crossing into the deadly earnest sphere of women’s magazines—doubly so when her vertiginous rise continued and she grabbed the editor-in-chief title at Marie Claire, taking her place in the irony-free zone of the fashion world.

This was a particularly dramatic and unique New York metamorphosis: from journalist to magazine editor-in-chief. The former has a precise and, except for a byline, relatively private function; the latter, a study in overreaching, is politician, promoter, social climber, ad sales person, and, often, comical figure.

The comedy here is even greater when it involves the editorship of a fashion magazine. While all magazine editor-in-chiefs have shimmied up an extremely greasy pole, it is incumbent upon a fashion editor to appear as though aristocratically born to the job. In Joanna’s case, there was a further wrinkle. She took up her job as the fashion and luxury goods economy teetered along with everything else. She had the task of maintaining dignity and aloofness in the desperate age of new and tortured revenue streams, including reality shows. Oh my God, I thought, the first time I saw her engaged in the extreme shtick of the Style Network’s Running in Heels.

Necessarily, she had to invent a new persona for the editor of a post-recession fashion magazine and for the magazine itself.

She created an anti-Vogue, even anti-Condé Nast, fashion magazine.

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