The 10 Most Controversial Mag Covers (Recently) Published

These images shocked, awed, made you buy and/or made you talk

7. True Blood Cast Needs a Bath, Clothes, Possibly a Lawyer

Naked and covered in blood—totally OK when you're a newborn, but it becomes less acceptable somewhere between birth and your success as an actor in a top TV series. Rolling Stone's gory, full-color image raises many questions. Are they really trying to make arterial spray sexy? Did the True Blood cast commit some atrocity? If this is a show about vampires, have they just been playing with their food? Rolling Stone obviously wanted to get people talking about this issue, and talk people did. Some freaked out about the magazine's visibility on grocery store newsstands and others simply professed to find the graphic image cheap or distasteful. This put them in direct opposition to a vocal cadre of vampire-loving gore-and-sex enthusiasts—and naked and bloody, a controversy was born.

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