The 10 Most Controversial Mag Covers (Recently) Published

These images shocked, awed, made you buy and/or made you talk

9. Does Steve Jobs Get Inside the Pearly Gates? St. Peter Checks His iPad

Religion—always polarizing. In this case, the hoopla didn’t focus on a single criticism, but on two complaints orbiting a central concept of respect. Of the 50-some-odd comments on the cover on The New Yorker website, some took issue with the religious depiction in general. For example, one reader called it “deeply, deeply disrespectful” while another suggested it was “time for intelligent people to look beyond this...clichéd relationship to the afterlife experience.” Many of the other commenters were ticked that Steve Jobs was depicted as Christian when he had publicly professed to have been shaped by Buddhist philosophy. A few found the humor, with quips like "I think Heaven uses Flash."

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