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R.I. Targets Hub Businesses


Duffy Promo Looks to Drive Traffic South
BOSTON--Gen Xers in black T-shirts and khakis have been lurking near subways, restaurants and bars, handing out temporary tattoos, postcards fliers and coasters emblazoned with the logo: mass-exodus.com.
They are part of a 25-member team executing a street marketing campaign created by Duffy & Shanley for the Rhode Island Development Corp. The Web site aims to convince Boston businesses to relocate to Providence, R.I., for economic and lifestyle reasons.
Duffy & Shanley also placed ads in Boston technology and entertainment publications and on a billboard along the Southeast Expressway. "We pretty much hit every element we could to influence people to go to the site," said Kira Greene, interactive director at the Providence shop.
All promotional efforts have one thing in common--they never reveal what mass-exodus.com is. Instead, they include slogans such as "Twice the house for the money" and "Half the commute time."
Over the past four weeks, 5,000 people have visited the site, which Duffy & Shanley designed using the same irreverent, flashy style as the promotional campaign.
Duffy & Shanley has been agency of record for the economic development corporation for two years.