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Puff Piece


It'll fly, but is it a great idea?
That question will be answered during the next few months as a new promotion between Delta Air Lines and Turner Broadcasting System takes flight.
The Atlanta-based airline has emblazoned one of its 737s with the Cartoon Network's popular Powerpuff Girls. During the promotion's first month, passengers on Delta's Express fleet will be treated to goody bags of Powerpuff merchandise, including puzzles, flight-crew buttons, cartoon videos and CDs of Kid Rhino performing Powerpuff music.
Why the Powerpuff Girls? Not only do they fly, but they also have a movie coming out and $100 million in merchandise on the market, said a Turner executive.
Delta Express, which has no assigned seats, no meals and no first-class seating policy, celebrates its fourth year of service this fall. "The lower we keep our costs," said Martin White, the airline's vice president for consumer marketing, "the lower we can keep prices."
The Powerpuff Girls follows the adventures of three super sisters determined to save the world.
Hopefully, the trio--Bubbles, Blossom and Buttercup--can rescue travelers from those endless runway delays.