In essence, all music videos are ads, but hip-hop group Black Eyed Peas has taken things a step farther with its latest video, a pseudo-infomercial.

The video, complete with testimonials and statements like "Buy now!" flashing on-screen, touts a "Discover Hip Hop" (the song's title) packet that includes tapes with hip-hop vocabulary and instructions on how to be a disc jockey.

Firefighters, suburbanites and others dance with the fake product as the Black Eyed Peas rap. No phone number is displayed, but the address is shown.

Maury Loeb of Zap Edit in New York aimed for a low-budget, amateurish look when editing footage (shot by Brian Beletic of Los Angeles' Satellite Films) for the video.

He used bad editing to lend authenticity. "A lot of it wasn't effects; it was very basic," Loeb said. "[I used] really intentional long takes, a lot of awkward edits."

The video broke last month and has aired on MTV, The Box and BET.