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Are New Jersey and The Sopranos perfect together? It's possible--at least for Winning Strategies Advertising, which recently broke its first ad promoting New Jersey Online's coverage of the hit TV show.
The ad ran last weekend in The Star-Ledger for the client's Web site, Copy reads, "Everything you ever wanted to know about The Sopranos but were too intimidated to ask." A photo of the New Jersey crime family follows. The tag: "For places to go and things to see, New Jersey clicks here."
"[The show is] all a New Jersey-centric kind of story," said Art Stiefel, co-creative director at the Mount Laurel, N.J., shop, who also was the ad's art director. "The character roles and the ways it plays out [are] wonderful for the state."
Stiefel said Net and radio follow-ups highlighting the show, among other media, are possible for the client, whose site contains a chatroom and information on the show.
He added that the shop is in the process of starting a new outdoor branding campaign on billboards for the Jersey City, N.J., client as well, featuring the new tag, "What's new in Jersey." --Simon Butle