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Friend Of Bill


Blum Group principal Alan Blum received two interesting items from the White House recently: a cease-and-desist request and an invitation to an East Room reception.
In January, the White House asked Blum's New York shop to kill a spot for Tracfone, citing a policy against using the chief executive's image to tout products. The spot (shown here) uses President Clinton's now-infamous finger-wagging denial of "sexual relations" with Monica Lewinsky. Tagged "Talk is cheap," the spot also includes Richard Nixon's assertion, "I am not a crook," and George Bush's famous pledge, "Read my lips--no new taxes."
The shop, however, also produced a spot for something close to first lady Hillary's heart: the Children's Health Insurance Program. The purpose of last week's event: to bow a Blum spot for the program, starring Hillary.
The Clintons did not link the Tracfone spot--which is still running--to the agency, so Blum avoided any awkward moments.
"It was bizarre," he says. "The weird irony of it all was so striking."
--Justin Dini