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Copy Vet Says Goodbye to M&H


Maislen Follows Lead of Creative Mentor
BOSTON--After nearly two decades at Mintz & Hoke, senior copywriter Alan Maislen has set out on his own.
Maislen, who just turned 50, saw his best friend and mentor--executive creative director Dik Haddad--leave the Avon, Conn., shop this spring to freelance.
"Many people of my generation have gone their own way and are having a wonderful time," said Maislen, who joined the agency in 1981. "I was sad to leave my friends, but this was the right time to do it."
Mintz & Hoke president Chris Knopf said he'll miss Maislen but that he's grateful for the 10 years he spent working with him as a fellow copywriter.
"He has a wonderfully quirky personality, and he's the warmest, sweetest person," Knopf said.
Mintz & Hoke is the only agency Maislen ever worked for--"an anomaly in this business and a credit to the culture there," Maislen said.
Knopf said Maislen was a pioneer in using evocative copy to make an emotional connection with audiences, as seen in campaigns for AIDS awareness and the Special Olympics. Maislen won a host of creative honors, including Clios and One Show Pencils.
In his biography on the Mintz & Hoke Web site, Maislen states, "I don't write copy. I write love letters to the consumer."