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Adults can understand Y2K doomsday hype and determine for themselves what to believe. Children may having a harder time grasping the significance.
Ned Crowley, an executive creative director at Leo Burnett, addresses those concerns with a new children's book titled Y. Tookay Is Coming that looks at millennial computer problems from a kid's point of view.
The book tells the story of a father stocking up on canned food and candles in preparation for "Y. Tookay." When he explains to his children that the approaching "visitor" is a computer bug, the kids recommend he treat it like other insects and simply "squish 'em." Their innocence allays the father's worries, and the family happily heads off to buy a new computer.
The work, published by Little Friend Press, is Crowley's third effort under the nom de plume Mr. Hendersen, whom the author describes as "a kinder, gentler Ned Crowley."
--Aaron Baar