Bates Spoofs Movie Trailers for Hoosier Lottery


When Indiana cut the Hoosier Lottery's ad budget by $1 million, Bates Midwest was asked to produce spots that are adaptable for a number of games.

With that mandate, the Indianapolis shop's latest work assumes the look of a movie trailer and continues the tag line, "Fun is good." The three-spot campaign promotes the state's $2 game. Each ad parodies a different film genre: romantic comedy, suspense thril ler and monster flick.

The spots conclude with a five-second hole in which a new $2 game can be introduced.

"It aligns the lottery with entertainment and has a longer shelf life," said Chuck O'Hara, the lottery's marketing director.

After cutting the lottery's budget to $7.5 million, officials decided to spend more money on producing fewer spots, which can then be adapted for different games.

The first ad opens with a "tough as nails" policewoman who falls for a "below-average entertainer" clown while purchasing a $2 ticket. "Was it love that brought them together or was it luck?" a voiceover asks. Another spot shows a monster rising out of a swamp, scaring people on his way to a convenience store. "Driven by a hunger for only one thing," a voiceover says. The next shot shows the creature purchasing a lottery ticket.

Work for Hoosier Lottery's biggest game, Power Ball, is in production. It will break next month, O'Hara said.

While Power Ball offers a bigger payout, the $2 game will get more advertising. "Once the big game gets into the tens of millions of dollars, everybody knows about it," O'Hara said. "The smaller games are harder to promote."