Yellowbook Shows True Colors


Yellowbook confronts the formidable challenge of selling marketing services to businesses grappling with the recession in a new campaign from Gotham.

Small-business owners are the core target of the effort, which launches today and features TV, online, radio and print ads. Accordingly, one TV spot depicts a male electrician unspooling and installing wire at a building, while another shows a female chef cutting homemade pasta in a kitchen. Banner ads take the form of questions such as, "How did Flowers by Jan find success?"

Each ad suggests that business owners should focus on what they do best and turn to Yellowbook for marketing help. And, to highlight the array of ad services the company provides, Gotham assigned a color and graphic icon to each. These include a red hand holding a business envelope for direct marketing and a green figure climbing steps for metrics reports. Collectively, the services are presented under the moniker of Yellowbook360.

Sally Camp, director of advertising, public relations and branding at Yellowbook, believes that the company's tracking of marketing results is key to convincing business owners -- many of whom are struggling to survive -- to advertise.

"It's tough. It's a tough economy for everybody," Camp said. "[But] because the results are transparent, you know what your campaign with Yellowbook is generating for your business. You can perform an ROI [check] and see that it's actually generating some sales."

Camp added that most small businesspeople "didn't get into business to spend all their time doing marketing. So that's where we come in."

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