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Tech Ads Most Effective in 2010


With the launch of new devices like the iPad and 3-D–enabled TVs, it’s not surprising that five of the top 10 ads that viewers found most convincing in 2010 promoted consumer tech products, according to ad effectiveness tracker Ace Metrix.
The No. 1 spot of the year, per Ace, was an ad for a Samsung 3-D TV set that debuted in the first quarter—this amid a furious marketing battle to showcase the new offering in the wake of positive buzz from hit 3-D movie Avatar.
The Samsung ad, titled “Wonder-full,” features a family in their living room about to watch TV. When they put on 3-D glasses and settle onto the sofa, sea life swims out of the set toward them. "Ever wonder how amazing it would be to experience life in another dimension?" the ad’s voiceover asks.
The Samsung spot garnered a total 736 out of a possible 950 points, and achieved the highest overall Ace Metrix score since the ad assessment firm launched its service in June 2009.
Publicis Groupe’s Leo Burnett created the ad. "The main thing we looked at was how to create something that dramatized 3-D in this 2-D medium," said Burnett executive creative director Bob Price, shortly after the campaign broke.
The campaign, added Price, “is always going to be defined by what we're calling these moments of wonder; something wonderful that the consumer can do.”

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