Social Media Who's Who


The Career Climbers segment, which consists of middle-age people, or those approaching it, is better educated than the others. More concerned about their careers, they aggressively employ social media for their professional advancement. Career Climbers' members are also more likely to visit professional networking sites to find relevant information and sometimes even express their views. For example, they might become thought leaders on LinkedIn.

However, Career Climbers don't spend an inordinate amount of time online, and, when they do, they focus on utilitarian tasks. Case in point: They're more likely to make travel arrangements, manage their finances or read the news than to surf blogs or participate on message boards.

Much as with Rates & Dates, marketers must bring real value to attract Career Climbers' attention. The most obvious examples are content that can help them advance professionally, as well as tools and features that can help them make a positive impression and stand out from the crowd.

For marketers to effectively harness the power of social media marketing, and be able to connect with prospective customers, they must first understand why social media users are online -- and what they do while there. More than any other media platform today, social media is highly elective and personalized. After all, what users within social marketing environments online do -- and how they do it -- reflects a great deal of useful marketing information, including these users' values and interests.
John Mahler is a partner at digital agency GreaterThanOne. He can be reached at