Shawn Johnson Flips Over New Nestle Crunch


Nestle is promoting its revamped Nestle Crunch Bar via a YouTube and social media push, featuring Olympic speedskater Apolo Anton Ohno and gymnast Shawn Johnson.

Two videos, which debuted during Christmas week, have garnered more than 1.5 million views on YouTube. One shows Ohno skating down a luge track at breakneck speed to prove his point: That it's the chocolate that makes the Nestle Crunch Bar taste better.

Another video has Johnson flipping over an oncoming bobsled to win points for “Team Crunch.” Webisodes showing the Olympic-style rivalry between Ohno and Johnson stemmed from actual conversations the athletes were having about the new product, per the company.

The webisodes are part of Nestle’s goal to drive awareness and sales of its 60-year-old candy bar, which went through a recipe change and began hitting shelves in late November. Nestle is supplementing the push with a “Crunch Challenge,” where consumers can join a team ("Team Chocolate" or "Team Crunch") and play a trivia game to win prizes. The candy maker is also giving out 1,000 free Nestle Crunch Bars on a daily basis to consumers who participate on

“As one of the largest confectionary companies in the U.S. we continue to use social media more prominently,” Nestle confectionary rep Tricia Bowles said of the effort. Facebook and YouTube were part of the mix, she added, as the campaign is primarily driven by word of mouth, and “which side of the bar [consumers] like best.”

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