Scion Takes Road Less Traveled


NEW YORK Scion is launching vibrant TV and print ads in what is essentially an extension of last year's "United by individuality" initiative.
Crafted by San Francisco-based Attik, the new "Samples" push offers a candy-colored, kinetic look at Scion's five-door xB subcompact wagon and the tC, a two-door sports coupe that serves as a successor of sorts to Toyota's discontinued Celica.
The first print ads began hitting newsstands in the January issues of music and lifestyle glossies Revolver, Death + Taxes, Juxtapoz, Play and Big Shot. As part of a media strategy that runs through March, Scion will place one of nine different executions in as many as 20 publications.
Attik's effort features abstract photo treatments of the two models, including a shot of a customized pink-tinted tC that resembles an inverted bottle of Pepto-Bismol. Another ad combines strategically placed mirrors and moody lighting to create an xB that resembles a gemstone.

In order to zero in on its youthful demo, the client is snapping up late-night real estate on male-skewing cable networks like Viacom's Comedy Central and Spike TV, as well as Adult Swim, SiTV and Fuel. Beginning this week, those five nets will carry the xB creative. Meanwhile, MTV, BET, Fuse and G4 will host spots for the tC.
Scion is limiting its TV run to those cable venues because that is where its adherents reside.

The spots do not bow to the conventions that have made automotive advertising an exercise in beautifully photographed generica. The tC ad manipulates images of tricked-out Scion compacts in a digital mashup of color and synthesized beats. And in lieu of an A-list celebrity touting fuel efficiency and financing, the xB creative lets the car's toaster-oven-with-headlights aesthetic speak for itself.

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