PS3: The Game Is On


"Desperate Dad" features a man who can't get his wife's attention. At the end, when a dog licks her ear and she laughs ferociously, I laughed out loud.

I had an advance viewing of a spot (my favorite, actually) that features a gamer kid who can't get his PS3 away from his grandmother, who uses it to watch Blu-ray movies. Butler is outraged that the kid would try to take it away as the grandmother, when she was a kid, played with "a hoop and a stick."

The online Q&A campaign, yet to start, will allow PS3 users to submit their own questions to the Butler character via Webcam. He'll be seen on one side of the screen as the questions are being asked and then, through very cool, synched unit banners, he'll be shown on the opposite side answering them.

Not surprisingly, the videogame category has been hit by a slowing economy and sales have been in a downturn for the last five months. New games coming into the market and price drops on the new generation of consoles should have some positive impact on Christmas sales.

The PS3 spots will slowly roll out through the holiday season. They'll have old folks, young 'uns, females -- all kinds of players represented in a way that's nonthreatening and picks up on the amusing anomalies of the human condition. I'm not sure we've matured, but meanwhile, thank you, PlayStation, for making blood, guts and stolen cars seem so, like, 2006.