Portrait: Mekanism

Ad shop spins ideas into shareable content for brands on the social Web

Photo: Chris Gaede


Mekanism may be the model agency for the social Web. It specializes in making intrinsically shareable content for brands—like a Star Wars-themed mobile app for PepsiCo’s Brisk Iced Tea and a “Hovercat” video for the Aspca—then promoting them to influencers to make those messages go viral. Originally a production house that’s since evolved into an advertising shop, Mekanism appears to be of growing appeal to clients new and old: After adding lead status for soap-purveyor Method and print-dealer earlier this year, the agency this month picked up the lead role for Muscle Milk.


Who (l. to r.) Partners Tommy Means, founder and executive creative director; Jason Harris, president and CEO; Pete Caban, head of strategic development; Ian Kovalik, executive creative director

What Digital ad agency

Where San Francisco offices