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New Campaigns: Western Client: Eidos Interactive, San Francisco


Agency: Winkler Advertising, San Francisco
Creative Director: Pat Marcoccia
Assistant Creative Director: Cordell Jeffries
Art Directors: Ronny Knight and Michael Olch
Copywriter: Leanne Lustica
Winkler Advertising's first branding effort for Eidos Interactive broke last week in electronic gaming magazines nationwide. The three-part print campaign uses basic first-aid diagrams for conditions such as shock and choking to illustrate how Eidos' games make their users feel while playing. Eidos has also incorporated the tagline, "You've been warned," into its current logo and marketing materials.
"The research we did for this campaign showed that these games physically affect players," said Luis DeAnda, a Winkler account executive. "The heart rate goes up, palms get sweaty and breathing becomes rapid. It's a very visceral experience for most players." DeAnda said the print effort will eventually expand into more mainstream publications such as Wired and Rolling Stone to reach "videogame enthusiasts who lost interest in playing over the years" as the electronic gaming industry rapidly advanced.
Television spots will launch later this fall to introduce new Eidos game titles for the holidays. The commercials will incorporate elements of the print ads. "The branding campaign is strategically important to Eidos," said Paul Baldwin, the company's vice president of marketing. -Jane Irene Kelly


Client: Asics Tiger Corp., Fountain Valley, Calif.
Agency: VitroRobertson, San Diego, Calif.
Creative Directors: John Robertson and John Vitro
Copywriters: Brian Gold and John Robertson
Art Director: John Vitro
Photographer: John Huet
he truth about athletic activity is explored in a new print campaign for Asics athletic footwear.
Created by VitroRobertson, the spreads feature photographs of people working out. One ad shows a close-up of a man's sweaty face. The text that appears over the photo discusses how people who own Asics shoes love them more than the advertising. Another execution tells the truth about cross-training: "It's a word somebody made up to describe a set of activities that nobody had a word for." The copy in all the ads begins with, "This is the truth." To the right of the photos is a diagram of the shoes, with their various features highlighted.
"We tried to make statements that were athletic truths that athletes could identify with," said agency general manager Alan Bonine. Ten different executions for running, cross-training, wrestling and volleyball shoes will break this month in various men's and women's fitness magazines. -Teresa Buyikian


Client: CellNet Data Systems, San Carlos, Calif.
Agency: Grey Advertising, San Francisco
Creative Directors: Susan LeGrande and Bennett Miller
Art Director: Tom Berg
Copywriter: Brian Johnson
Photographer: Pete McArthur
Grey Advertising's first work for CellNet Data Systems appeared last week as insertions in zoned editions of The Wall Street Journal in California, Rhode Island and Massachusetts. These states are targeted because they are moving rapidly toward power and metering service deregulation. Full-page ads in publications such as Forbes and Fortune will appear this fall.
The first phase of the print campaign features an empty light socket and the tagline, "Sure, deregulation is a big opportunity. Unless you make your decisions in the dark." The second round of ads asks, "When deregulation finally sees the light of day, will you be standing in its shadow or basking in the glow?" The executions also explain what CellNet Data Systems is (a wireless communications company) and what it can do (meter reading). The ads are aimed at utility companies, power marketers and energy consumers. A toll-free number is provided to obtain CellNet's "Unofficial Guide to Deregulation." -Jane Irene Kelly