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Media Plan of the Year 2010


Any marketer looking to move more product or increase market share in 2009 was in for a tough time. Read through this year's group of Media Plan of the Year winners, and that fact emerges in virtually every single story. But that didn't stop sharp media planners at agencies big and small from getting their clients that extra bump in share -- and more, in most cases -- without busting the budget during one of the toughest media economies on record.

It's also a sign of these media-obsessed and -fragmented times that several clients are among the winners: HBO, Starz, Syfy -- media companies looking to stand out in some way from their competitors. Thanks to their media agencies and innovative planning activations, they achieved their aim.

This year's group of winners, besides being more numerous, are also more varied. We tried to reflect the changing ways in which media is planned, bought and executed. Gone are the days of a siloed TV campaign or an out-of-home-only effort. Every plan involves several media working in concert to achieve clients' marketing ambitions. Hence our use of dollar ranges are married to a particular medium (which had to represent at least one-third of that campaign's spend). For those radio-heavy agencies and media companies, please note that we did not have a single submission from which to pick a winner in the $10 million-$25 million, focus on radio category.

Additionally, we live in a time where the end user gets a say, and we would be remiss if we didn't allow our readers and subscribers to weigh in. Hence, a big shout-out to the three People's Choice winners. First place goes to Fallon, for its work on Syfy's Alice premiere, which happens to be our winner in the less than $1 million, focus on out-of-home category.
In second place, The Gate Worldwide also employed an innovative blend of old- and new-school out-of-home executions on behalf of financial client State Street Global Advisors. Third-place honors go to fledgling firm Merlino Bauer for its low-cost use of key radio and transit ads (Katz 360) and a print partnership (with RDA's Every Day With Rachael Ray) for client Nature's Path, an organic food company.

Congratulations to all the winners. Well done.


Branded Content - $25 Mil. or More

Integrated Campaign - $25 Mil. or More

Digital - $10-25 Mil.

Digital - $1-10 Mil.

Digital - Less Than $1 Mil.

Best Multicultural Campaign

OOH - $10-25 Mil.

OOH - $1-10 Mil.

OOH - Less Than $1 Mil.

Print - $10-25 Mil.

Print - $1-10 Mil.

Print - Less Than $1 Mil.

Radio - $1-10 Mil.

Radio - Less Than $1 Mil.

TV - $10-25 Mil.

TV - $1-10 Mil.

TV - Less Than $1 Mil.

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