Dove Super Bowl Spot Scores Initial Points With Men


When Unilever first announced it was launching its new Dove Men + Care line with a commercial during Super Bowl XLIV, industry watchers questioned whether making a costly, 30-second ad buy was the right strategy. It seems the move has paid off for Dove, at least, according to initial ad buzz results.

Prior to CBS’ broadcast of the Super Bowl, three of the most popular terms associated with Dove were “soap,” “beauty” and “deodorant.” But in the 24 hours following the game, the Dove spot, via Ogilvy & Mather, started generating terms like “Super Bowl,” “ad” and “men," per Zeta Interactive, a New York City-based digital and interactive marketing agency. (The firm evaluated online consumer responses to the ads leading up to, during and following the Super Bowl.)

Dove’s “Journey to Comfort” ad for Men + Care ranked No. 11 on Zeta Interactive’s list of the top 15 Super Bowl commercials. The ad received a 76 percent positive tonal buzz, right behind Boost Mobile’s nostalgic “Boost Shuffle” (77 percent positive) and tied with Snickers’ “Betty White” (also 76 percent).

The change is significant given Dove’s stature as a juggernaut in the packaged goods beauty care space. In the U.S., Dove is the no. 1 personal wash brand, with products like Go Fresh Cool Moisture, Deep Moisture Nourishing Body Wash and Supreme Cream Oil Ultra Rich Velvet, per Unilever, which owns Dove. Since 2004, its advertising, too, has been heavily centered on Dove’s “Real Beauty” campaign, featuring real women with curvy figures.

The new ad targeting male consumers shows a man going through different stages of life. There is the conception and birth, childhood, the teenage years, and adulthood. “Now that you’re comfortable with who you are, isn’t it time for comfortable skin? At last, there’s Dove for Men,” the voiceover says. The spot ends with the tag, "Be comfortable in your own skin."

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