Cannes 2012: Work to Watch

'Adweek' and Leo Burnett pick favorites to win Lions at this year's festival
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Tim Nudd is creative editor at Adweek.

Theater of the Streets2

• Target, 'Little Marina'
Agency: Mother, New York

A 25-foot-tall doll dressed in Missoni clothing stunned the normally unflappable New York Fashion Week crowd last year as she promoted the Italian designer's new line at Target. The campaign won best of show at the 2012 One Show Awards.

• Nike/Brand Jordan, 'The Explosive Game'
Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, New York

Projection mapping is no longer an easy wow, but Nike made waves taking it to the water—creating a stunning light show showing a three-story-tall Carmelo Anthony dribbling, dunking and walking on the Hudson River.

• Mercedes-Benz, 'Invisible Car'
Agency: Jung von Matt, Alster, Germany

In a bit of Harry Potter-like wizardry, Mercedes-Benz built a special LED cloak that made a car look invisible to promote its zero-emission fuel-cell technology. Video of the stunt quickly went viral online.

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