Bully Pulpit: Shops Battle Cyberbullying



We would create a campaign that encourages teens to do the opposite of cyberbullying. Instead of tearing down someone's self-esteem, we would try to build it up. In this way teens could remind teens that being nice to others feels good.

Here's what our message would be: Your words make a world of difference. So, don't spread hate, show love. Stop cyberbullying.

Possible testimonies:
"I tweet to share my world, not keep others from it."
"I have 300 Facebook friends and we love to love each other."
"Have you posted a positive message to your Facebook wall today?"
"I retweet positivity."
"I spread respect on Twitter."
"I can text 26 words in 26 seconds, and none of them are harmful to others."
"I follow positivity on Twitter."

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