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Brand Trump

How the developer-cum-TV star-cum-presidential candidate became a living product

President Trump?
To run for president, you have to be at least 35 and a U.S. citizen. Trump should know. He gave Obama hell over not releasing his birth certificate, then claimed credit when he did. (Obama, by implication, referred to Trump as a “carnival barker.”) Perversely, the birther issue has also served as Trump’s political platform, along with a promise to “make this country great again.” By what means? Well, that apparently depends. The first time Trump toyed with high office in 1988, he criticized the GOP and called for nationalized healthcare. In 2000, he courted the Reform Party and advocated a tax on the wealthy. With an announcement of his intent looming in May, he’s now tacked hard right. Not everyone on the right is impressed (Karl Rove has called Trump’s political aspirations “a joke”). Still, Trump has won cheers from the Tea Party. Hey, did we mention Trump has a brand of tea?