Advertising on the Super Bowl? Count Us In


A GoDaddy-esque commercial in the Super Bowl is tradition -- at least four years' worth, in any case.

Viewers have come to expect a fun, edgy, slightly inappropriate commercial from us.

All these years, it's been a business home run, too. Our market share has soared, each and every year.

Traffic to our Web site is off the charts, each and every year. And it all translates to the bottom line. Isn't that what advertising is supposed to do?

Some have suggested this year might be different.

Is the unprecedented price tag worth it? Should GoDaddy pull back like many other advertisers have done?

Absolutely not. I believe this is exactly the time to advertise. Let the other guys drop out, tone it down and fade away.

Super Bowl spots are priced at historic highs, even as the economy sputters and unemployment numbers climb. One writer suggested advertisers might be toning down their ads this year, in light of our weak economy.

That's not our plan.

Isn't the whole idea to get noticed? More than 90 million people will be watching. That's about half the households in the country.

Our philosophy is really pretty simple: Create a commercial that will get people's attention, invite them to visit our Web site and back the buzz up with the lowest priced products and industry-best customer support on the Internet. The rest takes care of itself.

This year, like most recent years, we produced two Super Bowl ads. Both feature GoDaddy Girl and auto racing superstar Danica Patrick.

In one spot, called "Shower," Danica takes a shower with another woman.

The other is called "Baseball." It spoofs the steroids scandal in true GoDaddy-esque style, with Danica providing the twist on an "enhancement hearing."

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