Ad of the Day: Volvo Runs With the Bulls in Its Most Beastly Truck Stunt Yet

Catch me if you can

A brand with a death wish?

It's not advertising if it isn't potentially lethal.

That appears to be Volvo Trucks' premise lately. Its amazing ad stunt from agency Forsman & Bodenfors, the latest in a series that have ranged from crazy to crazier, incorporates a smaller-scale version of Spain's Running of the Bulls—as a bunch of them charge through a Spanish village, chasing a big red-painted truck and a number of dudes in red scarves and running shoes, at least a few of which, I promise, suffered internal injuries during this amazing feat.

I don't have whatever the gene is that makes you sympathize with people who get into trouble climbing K2 or running away from easily avoidable stampeding quadrupeds. But even I have to admit this is pretty intense.

The camerawork here in Cuidad Rodrigo, by commercial and film director Henry Alex Rubin, is pretty great—it's a perfect combination of action photography and well-choreographed editing. These guys must have seeded the entire street with cameras, and man, do they capture some great moments, including a bull skidding into one of them and knocking it over while it's filming.

There's a great moment early on when a bull decides he's just going to go for one of the runners (who escapes), and also an extremely painful-looking fall that I can't imagine didn't result in the poor dude getting stepped on by a one-ton-and-change cow with rage issues. The camera cuts away, but it still makes me crave steak.

I also want to find whoever chose to set this spectacle to "Wooly Bully" and shake his hand.

Client: Volvo Trucks
Agency: Forsman & Bodenfors
Director: Henry Alex Rubin
Effects: The Mill

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