Ad of the Day: Schwinn

The bike company targets twee millennials

The bike: It’s cheap, it's "green," and it's the preferred method of transportation among certain twee millennials. (Seriously, Google “Zooey Deschanel on a bike.” There are 13.4 million hits.) But when was the last time you saw a bike ad during an episode of New Girl or Portlandia or whatever the latest show is with girls who like vintage dresses and boys who like bow ties? Seems like a bit of a wasted advertising opportunity.

Kudos to Schwinn for finally taking advantage of the lack of adorable bike commercials with a new series of TV ads targeted at the millennial consumer. The first spot shows a series of incredibly happy-looking people—a woman with a fluffy dog, a father and daughter, a young couple—riding through a computer-generated universe of sunshine and flowers and guarantees of “wind in your hair” and “happily ever after.” A second ad gives us a trio of typecast millenials—a pretty girl (in a beret, natch), a surfer dude, and a bow-tied man (yes, his jeans are rolled up, too)—searching for the right bicycle, Goldilocks and the Three Bears style. (One is too cutesy! One’s a racing bike! But the third is just right!) Everyone, apparently, can find true love with a Schwinn. 

The full campaign, created by Ammirati, is as jam-packed with cuteness as BuzzFeed’s latest video of a cat playing with a baby piglet—and, Schwinn hopes, will prove equally popular with America’s millennials. Provided that they can tear themselves away from that cat video long enough to go outside and ride a bike.

Credits and another video after the jump.

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